The intent of this book is to show real-life images of stories in the news,ands not to confine murder,violence against women,drug-related violence and gangsterism to an intellectual realm without consequence.


March 8,1953

Mrs. Rosary Shellfo,22,after carefully bathing her 2 year old baby,laid the infant facedown on her kitchen bread-board and hacked off his head.She told police simply:”I don’t know why I killed my baby”.

March 8,1953

Detective D.L Sund of the L.A. Police Department examines the body of the Shellfo baby in the kitchen where his mother murdered him.

May 13,1950

Sidney Johnson,found guilty of killing a Chicago police officer,is led out of criminal court,after learning he has been sentenced to die in the electric chair.


You are looking at 2 young women as photographed by their murderer,Harvey Murray Glatman.

Photography was a hobby he took after being released from prison in 1951.In L.A. in 1957,posing as a professional glamour photographer,Glatman advertised for a model.Finding would-be models and actresses was no problem,and on August 1,19 year old Judy Dull(right) arrived for a photo shoot.Once in his “studio”she was tied up,photographed,raped,and killed.Glatman buried her body in the desert.

Shirley Ann Bridgeford(left) was a 24 year old divorcée that Glatman met through a lonely-hearts club.On their 1st date,he took her to the desert,raped her,shot her with his camera-and then with his gun. Glatman was convicted of murder in November 1958 and died in gas chamber at San Quentin on August 18,1959

October 9,1956,in Queens

Police detective William F.Christman,a 38 year old father of 5,was shot by 25 year old George Robert Thomson after an argument over a World Series baseball game.

August 29,1959

Janice Drake was killed by 2 bullets through the head and 1 through the neck.

The driver of the Cadillac,who also received similar treatment,was Little Augie Pisano,once Al Capone’s representative on the East Coast.She had dinner with Albert Anastacia the night he was gunned down.Known publicly as a dinner companion to gangland’s finest,she probably also transported narcotics and money between big-timers

August 29,1959

Anthony Krzesinski lies dead in the hallway of a bulding where he ran after being attacked by Salvador Agron,Antonio Hernandez and other gang members.A patrolman points to a stab wound in the body.

August 29,1959

West Side Story was on Broadway,one day after his 16 birthday,Salvador Agron traveled from the Upper West Side to West 46 St. with his fellow Vampires gang members.3 youths,Robert young and Anthony Krzesinski,both 16 and Edward Riemer,18,who were not part of any gang,started making fun of the black cape Agron was wearing.With the help of Fernandez,known as “Umbrella man”,and various gang members,Agron attacked the 3 other youths,killing Young and Krzesinski and injuring Riemer.Agron was the only one to admit the murders.

August 29,1959 Police Headquarters

The case of “the Capeman and the Umbrella man” became a sensation. Asked why he commited the murders,he said:”Because I felt like it.”

He was charged with 2 counts of 1st degree murder and one count of attempted 1st degree murder.At the age of 16 he was sentenced to death and was the youngest prisoner at Sing Sing on death row.Eleonor Roosevelt campaigned to have the sentence commuted to life,an action supported by the father of one of the victims.On february 7,1962,six days before his execution,Governer Nelson Rockfeller commuted his sentence and Agron was released from jail in 1979.He died 7 years later,at the age of 43,of natural causes.


John F. Kennedy Assasination

November 22, 1963

November 22,1963

Lee Harvey Oswald, an employee of the Texas School Book Depository from which the shots were suspected to have been fired, was arrested on charges for the murder of a local police officer and was subsequently charged with the assassination of Kennedy.

He was killed by Jack Ruby on November 24, before he could be indicted or tried.

24 November,1963

The image of Lee Harvey Oswald’s body on the autopsy table,almost never published,is from the Warren Commission Report.


November 1971,Westfield,New Jersey

November 1971,Westfield,New Jersey

June 12,1979,205 Knickerbocker Avenue,Brooklyn

The bodies of Carmine Galante(top) and associate Leonardo Coppola in the back garden of Joe and Mary’s restaurant.

Galante,the godfather of the Bonanno family from 1974 until 1979,was know to enjoy his cigars.He died with one clenched between his teeth,in a shootout that took the life also of the restaurant owner and injured his son.

Other Crime Scenes Photos

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